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Fundraising Committee

Led by  Joe Misner        Email:      Phone:  269-832-1845

The Fundraising Committee exists to raise the amount of money needed to meet the mission of the WWBC and the vision of the Board of Directors. The Committee is responsible for properly delivering these funds to the Booster Treasurer in a timely manner. The Committee may also plan and execute fundraising events and activities. The WWBC receives donations from individuals, local companies and civic clubs. The Board of Directors decides where the funds are applied based on the Club’s Mission or the donors preference. We work to understand the strategic goals of WMHS leadership and connect private donors to projects. If interested in volunteering with this committee please contact Laura Landau.


The primary fundraising vehicle for the Club is our Wildwood Wildcats Booster Club Discount Card.  The 2024 Discount Card features discounts at 50 local merchants. Sales of the new Discount Card began September 2023, and it is valid until December 31, 2024.  The card sells for $10.


discount card 2022.jpg
discount card 2022.jpg
discount card 2022.jpg

The Cards are sold by Wildwood Wildcats Booster Club members. The WWBC also donates cards to WMHS student organizations and their advisors to sell for the benefit of each of their own organizations. The Booster Club organizes opportunities for the student organizations to sell the cards in front of supportive local merchants in Wildwood and the southern Villages. These merchants are Ace Hardware, Winn- Dixie, Publix and Walmart Neighborhood Market. Other featured merchants sell the Discount Cards in their stores. Student organizations that have raised funds via sales of Discount Cards include the Interact Club (associated with Rotary), the Art Department, the Science Club, the Wildcat Band, National Honor Society, Cheerleaders, the Football, Basketball and Softball teams and the Exceptional Student Education program. The student organizations are asked to apply to the WWBC for support to fundraise with the Discount Cards.

We run small events such as 50/50 drawings at local gatherings, with proceeds going to the WWBC, and participation in the Winn-Dixie grocery bag program, where the Club was selected to receive $1 per bag sold at The Villages Winn-Dixie locations.  We have partnered with Culvers for a in restaurant fundraising event.


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