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Academics Committee

Led by  Josephine (Josie) Morello         Email:       Phone:  732-642-1910

The Academic Committee broadly supports, recognizes and encourages academic achievement at Wildwood Middle High School and offers opportunities for individual Booster volunteers to connect to the community and contribute.  the committee spearheads the allocation of volunteers, materials and funds to address academic needs identified by teachers and school leadership. All potential school volunteers must submit to a background check and be approved by the Sumter County Raptor Volunteer Management System. This process takes a few weeks so please go to the Raptor link provided and complete the application.  The system will communicate directly with you.

For more information or to volunteer with this committee contact Josie Morello.

Booster members, in partnership with Tutors for Kids, Inc., provide tutoring assistance in reading and math enabling students to succeed with the new Florida standards

Wildcat of the Month: This award is designed to select students who promote and take pride in WMHS and themselves.

Sponsored the newly created Debate team who sucessfully participated in 4 tournaments

Student Incentives: Several pizza parties, Snacks for Basic Math Project, Spring Fling 6, 7, 8 grades, snacks to guidance counselors for students, snacks for ESE students, snacks for Extensive Reading motivational contest; quarterly event for students who demonstrated positive behaviors,


Recruited Science Fair Judges for the WMHS Science Fair, the Sumter County District Fair and the Regional Science Fair in Ocala.  The Booster Club also bought tripods and tri-fold poster boards for the students.

Partnered with Bless Wildwood to provide supplemental funds for class materials on the teachers "wish lists"

Academic Committee Members

Chairperson Josie Morello


David Contreras

Pat Munz

Donna Sinrud

David Munz

Marjorie Callahan

Thayne Pearson

Donna Lasko

Carol Piirto

Louise Fahey

Gary Segal

Linda McCool-Lee

Ruby Williams

Jeannie Stahl

Laraine McDonald 

Brenda High

John Peak

Joyce Cover

Nanci Goslee

Shelly Lehman

Jennifer Contreras

Tim StahlI

Nevin Mann

Laura Landau

Noel Knott



Lois Clymer

Kathleen Kreidler

Carol Piirto

Doug Sackett

Linda Sackett

Carolyn Conway

Jim Gordon

Martha Jean King

Esther Tupino

Ruby Williams

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